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Someone from the Simm associates number called me yesterday looking for my sister. I asked who it was and they played cagey, wouldn't say what they were calling for, or why, just said that I was "listed as a reference" and asked if I could pass on a message for them. I know my sister didn't list me as a reference on anything, I think they were just fishing. I played ignorant and tried to get more information (like the company name) but the guy... Read more

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This company called me in reference to someone that I knew over ten years ago. They were extremely rude and would not tell me who they were or what they wanted from this man. I asked them if they were debt collectors, and they would not answer me and hung up instead. I called them back two more times trying to get information about who they were. They continued to be loud, rude, and evasive. The third time I called back, I talked to a man named... Read more

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Today my ex-sister-law received a call. They told her that the call involved probating my sons will. She sent me the message with the number to call with a reference number. So when I called they gave me their condolences on my loss. They then asked if I was a relative, and had I helped plan the burial. Then she asked me if he had any assets because they were attempting to collect a debt. I told that lady he was deceased and she said it still... Read more

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I received a call from this company and they wanted me to verify my personal information before I knew who I was talking to. With all the scams going on with the elderly I refuse to verify ANYTHING about myself UNTIL I am told who I am talking to. I will NEVER give my correct name and address to anyone that calls me! STOP CALLING ME PLEASE! If you have my phone number you probably have my address so send me a letter explaining what you want... Read more

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I keep getting calls from this simm associate company is stating that I owe debt and they need to collect it. They keep calling and leaving messages even after I blocked them.I never heard of this place and I dont have any debt. I know this is just a scam to try and get money out of people.Just last month they were leaving the same messages on my grandmother phone. This place is a joke.

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Received a letter stating I owed money and they were collecting on said amount, called up the merchants to discover I had paid everything in full and owed nothing. Unfortunately my wife had already made a payment with her debit card but they have not attempted to get the money thus far so she is going to put a stop payment on it as soon as the bank opens and has already moved all of her money out of the account and will be getting a new debit... Read more

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Fired my husband for having to leave training when our son had a grand mal seizure. Apparently this father &son owned company don't care about their employees or their children.

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He was very rude and never let me finish talking. He would raise his voice telling me to stop getting angry when was the one who blew up right from the start, scoff at every little thing I said and kept answering me with well why didnt I do this, why did I do that? I understand you're just trying to do your job but when you rely on the cooperation of others maybe you shouldn't shut them up and be such a condesending ***. I honestly hope they... Read more

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I have gotten several emails from a person/company claiming to be Simm Associates (who even knows if the sender is really who the email states that they are??) stating there was a problem with a Pay Pal charge to an online company for merchandise. Then the email continues to say if you are not Jane Doe, delete this email, and do not open attachment. Next the email says the email is from a debt collector. I did not make a purchase with a Pay Pal... Read more

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Received two calls, tried to explain my situation, only to be aggressively bullied and harassed by the "account representative" and the "supervisor"--both of which refused to talk to me in a respectful manner, despite my plea's to reduce the volume and tone, and speak in a professional manner. A HORRIBLE experience to say the least. There should be some action on these people from the government, as they are OUT OF CONTROL. They at least... Read more

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