I am a full time graduate student and currently have undergraduate student loans. I have been paying my student loans for five years on time prior to grad school, but once I began full-time status, my loans were eligible for deferment.

During my first two terms, my loans were deferred on time and as a responsible adult, I followed all proper protocols to let my student loan servicer know I was attending grad school to uphold my good standing relationship with them along with sustaining a good credit history. When the summer began, I took a full time internship and applied for an internship deferment. During the processing of my paperwork I received suspicious calls from Sims Associates. They not only called me about four to six times a day, they called and harassed my family.

They eventually called my mother's cell phone. I made no attempts to ignore them and always answered their calls, but if I were away from my phone, they would call me at least three times in a row. I would see four missed called from them within a 10min time frame. I always returned their calls letting them know my documents for deferment was still in process.

The representative I spoke with would tell me that "if you are denied this will affect your credit very badly and it will not be retroactive on your account even if you're approved." which of course, scared me. I called my loan servicer each time after I spoke with Sims and THEY HAD NO IDEA WHO THESE PEOPLE WERE. I was told by numerous account representatives from my student loan servicer to IGNORE Sims and not to give them any information. They told me NOT to setup payments with Sims and to deal directly with them when I needed to make my payments.

I finally received approval from my student loan deferment and received another call from Sims. At this time I was enraged since they constantly contact my family and at this point there was NO REASON to contact me since my loans were at a zero balance due and in good standing AND retroactive to begin my summer internship. I told their representative that my loans are in deferment and to never call me again. He kept saying he will keep calling until it clears on their end.

I told him that his own client has no idea who they are and have been told to IGNORE them from their own client. How does that look on my end?! BEWARE of these people and if they have your information hide from them. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION.

I resorted to closing my bank account for the sake of keeping my identity safe from these people. I have done absolutely NOTHING wrong and am not delinquent on any payments in addition to have followed all proper protocols to process my deferment as a full time graduate student. If my student loan servicer could not vouch for Sims Associates and told me to ignore them, this clearly makes them look inadequate, suspicious and makes me apprehensive to deal with them to begin with. However, they harassment issue is another thing to watch out for.

I have rights and am not breaching my contract in any sense, yet these people persist to believe I deserve this type of treatment.

DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION IF THEY CALL - DEAL DIRECTLY WITH YOUR DEBT SOURCE FIRST. I am reporting them to my state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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