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They were calling about a truck that was reposed years ago, I was the cosigner and offered a low cash settlement from bank. The bank would not work with me at all before, so why do they want to now? Was threatened that the bank could put liens for full amount still...
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I recieved a few calls from Simms meant for my sister. A woman named Martha questioned my mother about who my sister was to me and wanted to know if we were working. Then today a man named Vincent Malone called and was very rude me. So I told him I wont deal with him....
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me again

Update: the same guy just called me... after I had already made a payment on my sister\'s behalf... He said how would we know that? I told him \"you guys don\'t communicate?\"...

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I made a settlement with SIMMS associates which is the collection agency for HSBC auto loans for a truck that Hsbc repossessed( wife had lost job in bad economy). They sold the truck at auction and billed me for the difference. I was made an offer by SIMM associates to...
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