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They call and call indicating they need a payment. Someone calls and anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour later someone calls again. When you try and tell them that you currently are in trouble and cannot help out at this time, they ask if you are being rude with...
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Just cuss them out when they call you, and when they threaten you threaten them back. Because there is no such thing as a reverse call trace.


I have had a very similar experience with 2 people from this company. they're incredibly rude and even hang up on me. I have made arrangements with AES to pay them and this co...

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Report this company to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, State Attorneys Office, and Federal Trade Comission!!! It's all a scam. No one calls and acts belligerent at any established and reputable collection agency. They called me and harassed me several times and...
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A woman from this company keeps calling, and never leaves a company name what the call is about. I know its sims, just from the caller id.. She keeps getting nastier and nastier with every message demanding my husband call her back. She now apparantly is calling my...
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ripped off 17

Good luck with that. I\'ve been dealing with them for months and have asked several times to different people for them to send me documentation in the mail. They have never se...

Fort Montgomery, New York
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