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I am going through a financial hardship. EVERY company/collector has been easy to work with.

Out of the blue, I get a message from these people. I was returning a call for Keith Murray. I regret I did not get the name of the woman who was helping me. I had to ask twice who she was collecting for.

She questioned why I would open up a new account if my business wasn't doing well. Threw me for a loop... no one has questioned my accounts like that. I told her I was unemployed and trying to find a job.

She said, "well I'll have to refer this for a lawsuit since you aren't willing or able to come to an mutual agreement with us" (no "possible settlements as mentioned prior to her THREAT") I told her to go ahead and file a lawsuit because you can't squeeze blood from a F'in turnip!. I understand why the call went the way it did now... not a REAL debt collector & I'm filing a complaint. (She claimed I opened this just last year and i didn't.

She also claimed it was first one company then another...

Should have known this is a SCAVENGER debt collector.

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