Plainview, Texas

Today my ex-sister-law received a call. They told her that the call involved probating my sons will.

She sent me the message with the number to call with a reference number. So when I called they gave me their condolences on my loss. They then asked if I was a relative, and had I helped plan the burial. Then she asked me if he had any assets because they were attempting to collect a debt.

I told that lady he was deceased and she said it still needed to be paid. I was so frustrated that I told her to come and dig his grave up and see if she could collect.

She told me that what I said was not necessary. Who in the world ever attempts to call a deceased persons family and attempts to collect on a debt.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #1283864

Cuss them out and give them death threats when they trespass on your telephone. These thugs sound like offsprings of obama. Remind them who's property they are on when they call you.


I am getting the same kind of threatening calls from Simms and Assc. because of a debt my deceased husband had, I have explained there was no money or estate we lived in a rental and the woman got very threatening with me and then told me I need grief counseling and then claimed she would take my truck

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