I got the same call and I ended up giving them the money now I am getting calls for the same bill by a different person boy did I get screwed what can I do to get my money back

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Maple Shade Township, New Jersey, United States #933805

As an ex-employee I know there are some aggressive and rude collectors that are a nightmare for any consumer to deal with. But, I also know that even collectors who actually try to treat consumers with some dignity and set up a reasonable payment arrangement are bound by a lot of constraints, and it is their duty to assess your situation by asking some very personal questions.

I don't know your exact circumstances, and I really hate to defend them, but ultimately, you have not been screwed by Simm Associates. They did not cause the unfortunate circumstances that is the reason you fell behind on your bill, they did not extend you the credit nor do they have any influence over the loan terms that you agreed to, like horrendous interest rates and fees; your creditor actually dictates what they are allowed to accept when setting up a payment arrangement with you.

That said, it is possible that the collector made an error when taking your payment, there was a system problem that does not reflect record of your payment with the creditor, or the creditor could even be trying to collect on a resolved debt with or without intent. You need to locate your records of payments you made, such as a bank statements, receipts from money orders or Western Union/ Moneygram.

You will need to get copies of this documentation to the "owner" of the debt, which may be the original creditor or a debt buying company like NCO. If you are unsure, and do not have any letters for whatever reason, ask the company calling you now, or call Simm.

They probably can't/won't put you in contact with the debt owner, but all you need is the name and you can find the number online. Once you have gotten proof of your payment to the owner of the debt, get something in writing stating that the balance is resolved and you have no further obligation, and keep it with all your important paperwork.

to seesbothsides Austin, Texas, United States #971499

Above poster needs to brush up on his fdcpa. If they took the money under the pretense of paying off a legitimate debt they are now responsible for the debt to be correctly marked as paid.

File a dispute with the Credit Reporting Agencies and send them the receipt as well as file a complain against the collection agency. He might have taken the money from the original creditor but the agency took on the debt and are legally responsible that information remains accurate.

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