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I agree with the negative reviews.They are harassing, call relatives they have no business contacting just to get you to pay.

My sons student loan came due when he finished his class. My son didn't realize he needed to pay back the loan, he thought it was still on deferrment. They started harassing me too because i cosigned his loan but i told them i couldnt make a payment because im already paying on my sons other student loan. They harass me at home, at work, call other family members, etc and wont work with you to set up a repayment.

They want it all and they want it now.

I would never authorize a transaction over the phone.I would be afraid of them taking out money each month out of my account.

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Montclair, New Jersey, United States #1235090

"call relatives they have no business contacting"

They don't pull relatives out of the sky. Either they allowed or your son simply put down family members as references who are now paying the price for his foolishness.

"he thought it was still on deferrment"

Let me guess, the letters and calls asking for the money weren't enough to convince him to contact them and get this squared away.

Helicopter mom much for a loser child?

to Anonymous San Antonio, Texas, United States #1308427

Ingore the paid shrill for SIMMS. With that porch monkeys attitude I wouldn't pay them squat either. Be sure if you get sued by them or the original creditor you subpoena this website for a harrassment countersuit.

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