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I have been receiving calls from this company for a long time for someone I dont even know. I called and have asked to have my number removed many times and they still call.

Today another call came and I missed it, this time they said "hi Rose we are looking for harry snead" so I called the woman back, curious as to how she got my name, and explained again that they had the wrong number and asked her how she got my name.

Silly me its on my voicemail, but still, the representative asked me if I was bipolar!!! This company needs to seriously *** their employees.

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These people called up and were rude to my 86 year-old mother across the country, trying to get information on me. I called them back after she called me all upset thinking something happened to me.

I reamed them out & it ended up in one big yelling match-They sound like the staff is comprised of unemployed New Joisy mobsters. I wished I lived closer to this guy who called my mom & I talked to so I could give him the personal attention he needs.


So one of the idiots called for my sister I guess. He thought he was good, but I'm better.

Trying to weasel info. out of me about my sister. I really don't know if it really is a debt collector what ever, he could be a psycho killer. I DONT KNOW.

But our parents told us never to talk to strangers. Sorry, but if my sister wants to give you information about herself she'll answer her phone or call you back.


Yeah, these guys are a bunch of dickheads. Being a receptionist, I get calls for employees at my work, and they talk s**t to me like I owe them money!

Completley unprofessional!! They ask for the employees personal information and they lie about the information they need to try and get transferred to different departments!


This is what is happening to us. I DON'T OWE THEM OR ANYONE ELSE ANY MONEY!!!

But yet they keep calling. I've asked that the remove my number. They've YELLED at me.

I looked them up and attempted to reach someone in charge to no avail. This started pretty much as soon as we stopped paying to have our number non-published.

Tylor, Louisiana, United States #124705

Why would the representative ask you if you are bi-polar. Even if you were, what kind of unprofessional question is that?

People are under stress, losing their jobs and are distraught. Someone on another complaint insinuated that I had a vendetta or issues. The way the above person was treated is absolutely incredible. I don't know who their representative is, but this is not a professional way to treat someone.

I have read pages and pages of comments about people that don't even have accounts at this bank. I am neither psychotic, mentally ill, and do not take medication. I was just trying to defend myself against being treated like a dead beat which I am not. I lost my job through no fault of my own and did not need to be hassled.

This bank has complaints with the BBB, and on another website. I plan to ignore any more comments made on my situation and just forget about the whole thing now that it is settled. I certain hope I have no more dealings with them. When I get my credit report, I will dispute this issue.

Poor people have no defense against corporations. I just wanted other people to know what happened to me, not to ruin a human being's reputation.

I was angry and shocked. What is done, is done.

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