I made a settlement with SIMMS associates which is the collection agency for HSBC auto loans for a truck that Hsbc repossessed( wife had lost job in bad economy). They sold the truck at auction and billed me for the difference.

I was made an offer by SIMM associates to settle. I paid the settlement in 4 payments starting in Aug 2009 and ending in Oct. 2009. I have a letter from SIMM stating the account was paid in full.I also have copies of bank drafts from Bank of America showing the 4 payments.SIMM acknowledges the settlement was paid in full.

In early 2010, I recieved a letter from Santander that my loan was no longer in the hands of HSBC.HSBC auto loans was sold to Santander. In March 2010, I contacted SIMM about the problem. They said they would handle it. Three weeks ago I got a letter from Santander about my Loan.

I have been corresponding with SIMM and Santander almost daily for the last 2 weeks.For 13 months I have been trying to get this off my credit. Santander refuses to acknowledge payments to HSBC by SIMM. I have pages of documented phone calls to SIMM and Santander. Still unresolved Since Oct.

2009. What should I do now?

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